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Our Services

All our products and services can stand the test of time and the initial investment can be compensated for in the consistent benefits that our customers stand to enjoy over a long period of use of all our products.


Our solar unit when properly managed will stand as

·       A strong secondary energy source.

·       A huge savings from high tariff or bills incurred from utilization of electricity from the

      national grid.

·       Credible collateral since a solar system is a fixed asset.


Our Major Products

All solar inverter components and accessories

·       Solar Panels

·       Inverters

·       Solar Charge Controllers

·       Deep Cycle Batteries

·       Solar Accessories.


The Services rendered:

·       Sales of Solar and Renewable Energy Equipment.

·       Design and installation of different Solar energy systems such as PV- Diesel systems,

      Grid Tie Systems, Battery Based Systems etc

·       Installation and maintenance of Solar Equipment.

·       Advisory Services on the use and maintenance of renewable energy equipment