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Voltage Regulators

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10KVA Servo Automatic Voltage Regulator


Servo Single Phase AC Auto Voltage Regulator/StabilizerSUMMARIZESVC?series high precision automatic AC stabilizer, which is our company Self-research late-model products. It receives take the previous type, also have more excellent properties, as like low dissipation, strong instantaneous overload ability, low noise, long service life, and pleasing appearance. It is the first choice for family usi..

5KVA Relay Automatic Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer


Relay Single Phase AC Auto Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer (5KVA)AVR-RDE Series Voltage Stabilizing Device is the high precision and intelligent automatic voltage regulator,that is our company self-research and latest newly products.It has newly developed colorful displayer,which can directly show the working performance of proudcts.It takes smart,ligtness,high efficiency,wide stabilize,no waveform d..

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